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50 Limited Edition 8×6 inch prints of  “In This Together” are for sale with 50% of profits donated to Cool Earth who aim to halt rainforest destruction by working with the people who rely on it to survive.

All prints measure 8×6 inches and are individually signed and numbered.

Why Cool Earth?

After the heartbreaking news that the Amazon has been on fire for nearly three weeks as of the 22nd August 2019 and the Brazilian Space Agency has reported a record breaking 72,000+ fires there from January to August this year, I felt helpless.

But there’s always something we can do and an inspiring artist, Tori Ratcliffe showed me that this is one small thing I can do to try to make a difference.

Cool Earth empowers local communities who rely on the rainforest for survival to help stop deforestation and prevent it being a part of the climate crisis. Every donation makes a difference. Find out more about Cool Earth and their amazing work here:


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“In This Together”

European Bee-eaters in Calera y Chozas, Toledo, Spain.

A day of hayfever, blurry eyes and sneezing still didn’t take away from the beauty of seeing these birds for the first time. I watched for hours as they courted in the hot summer’s day. One bringing the other various gifts which took the form of bees and other insects. Prize finds in the sweltering heat of central Spain.  At first it looked like squabbling, and perhaps it was, but there were moments like this where they sat quietly together.

Eco-friendly: All prints are printed on sustainable paper with eco-friendly inks from an environmentally responsible supplier, Folio Albums. Please note that all options are available to order as they are ordered by request to help minimise waste.


  • 8″x6″ unmounted print – LIMITED EDITION, NUMBERED & SIGNED – charity print with Cool Earth

Please contact me if you have any questions and would like to see a preview (images of each will soon be available in the product gallery).

If you are looking for a different size or print option please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.


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