Call of the Wild

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Should large predators like the lynx and wolves be returned to the UK?

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Join the discussion on one of our most hotly debated conversations on conservation.

Students will hear a short 15 minute presentation about large predator conservation before taking part in engaging and thought provoking discussions about some of the big questions surrounding wildlife reintroductions. Students will have a range of opportunities to express their views. Prompts and discussion materials will be provided.

Experiences are linked to the Curriculum for Excellence and the National Curriculum covering relevant biology science and topical science outcomes.


The activity is available as both a one hour and a two hour session.

The two hour session includes time and support for the students to prepare and deliver their own group presentations to share their views.

Format & Materials required

This activity is best suited to a classroom setting or small auditorium setting with tables & chairs for groups of between 4 to 10 students. A screen & projector is required for the presentation section of the activity. If props and materials are available for the student presentations they are welcomed to encourage creativity.


Preferred minimum – 10 students (2 groups of 5) – smaller groups will be considered.

Maximum – 60 students (6 groups of 10) – additional help will be required from teachers to facilitate debate and supervise the groups.


This activity is most suitable for learners at Level 3 & 4 of the Curriculum for Excellence or A-Level in the National Curriculum.


£250 for a full day (up to four 1 hour sessions or two 2 hour sessions).
£175 for one 2 hour session.
£100 for one 1 hour session.

Travel costs not included.

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