How I Got This Shot – Over & Under

I thought it was worth getting back to this blog series. I started it last year and I just didn’t get round to doing too much with it. So here it is again, full of promise that I’ll do more with it from now on…

The answer to this “How I Got This Shot” is very, very simple.


Experimenting is key to advancing in photography. Yes, you can learn a lot about settings and gear but getting out there and giving it a try is really the only way you’ll improve.

So on our adventure in Japan, I knew I wanted to experiment with a few ideas when we got to Zamami Island in Okinawa.

I honestly took hundreds of photos of the water. Partly because it was outstandingly beautiful but also because I wanted to capture different images than the ones I usually do. And that took time and many, many clicks.

I played with shutter speed, angle, depth of field, where the light was and searched for different colours and textures to capture that told the story I was hoping to share.

This is just one of the images I captured that I felt happy with in the end. The shot was taken on the GoPro so I had little control over the actual settings. And I found that quite refreshing. I played more with angle and composition to get the image I wanted.

I was aiming for a peek into two worlds. Something a little abstract but still shows the beauty of this wonderful place.

Over & Under, Zamami Island

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. x

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