Beauty in the Details

I love wildlife photography. But the chance to get out to a hide or into a position to photograph my favourite species isn’t always simple (or cheap!). So sometimes I need to find inspiration from the world around me.

I’m the first to admit that on some days I go out and I just can’t capture what I’m looking for.

On other days I can translate the magic that I see in the natural world through the lens. When that happens I get images like these…

A photo of a single blackberry hanging on a branch.

A photo of a very bright set of leaves with focus on one which looks like a heart

A photo of a fern leaf in winter which is brown with a light dusting of frost

A photo of an old poppy head with very shallow depth of field and green background

A photo of a spider's web with waterdroplets of morning dew on it in bright, warm morning light

There really is beauty everywhere. If you can’t see it, I find it helps to adjust your focus and look again (and again and again!).

Please contact me if you would like to purchase any of my images. They will be available in my shop soon.

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